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Loving Se And Found An Error.


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I am new to samplitude 8.3 se and must say the program is badass..I need a tutorial or something because thier is alot in here that is flying over my head. I am going to need beat slicing/time stretching features so what version of samplitude 9 should I get?

oh yea their is one error I am able to repeat: Every time i do a batch convert(or i convert a file in my VIP pro) to 48000 32bit,at the HIGHEST level, if the batch is over live 20 megs I get an error or my cpu reboots! It really is the only bug/clitch I have had. ??? Is this an error you guys have heard of?



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I recently got into samp and love it as well...

I havent done a batch conversion, can you do it at lower quality? if you can I think maybe something is being over taxed then? as I havent done this yet, I couldnt tell ya :blink:

beat slice / timestretch, well Im using classic 8.31 and thought it doesnt have the elastic audio features..what it does have is the remix agent wich I recently used to beatmatch and it does have timestretching as well as pitchshift wich I have found to be easier to operate and better sounding then Cubase.

If you dont need a lot of vsti's go for classic and save a few bucks. :(

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If you dont need a lot of vsti's go for classic and save a few bucks.

Well, the difference between classic and prof. is not so much in the VSTi department, but surrond and the AM-plug-in suite are only prof. version. Also some more tracks/aux numbers.. OK, in classic we have the limit of 8 VSTis.

There is a bigger difference between V8.3 and V9 regarding VSTi: the hybrid engine's mixer monitoring mode in V9 is better suited to work with VSTi.



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