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How To Get 2 Centered Mono Tracks From One Stereo Track (in V8)

Stuart Allsop

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In a recent recording session of a school band, due to limited input channels and setup time I ended up having to record an electric guitar to the left channel of track 4, and a tamborine on the right channel of the same track. I figured that if I used the "File -> Convert Audio -> Stereo-Wave -> 2 mono" tool, then I'd end up with two mono tracks that would be centered, and which I could then pan as needed. However that's not what I got!

I got two mono tracks, certainly, but the guitar remains only on the left, and the tamborine only on the right. I cannot center or pan the tamborine or the guitar in the sound field!

I did figure out that I can select each track, go into the Object Editor, switch it from stereo to mono, and pan the image to the center, but I'm wondering why I need to do that? Would it not be more logical for the software to do that automatically, when converting a stereo track to two mono tracks?

Is there a quicker/better way to do this? It certainly isn't very intuitive the way it works now.

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