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What's the best way to import a 16bit wav file into a Samp 9 project, converting the 16bit file to a 24bit file in the process? I've messed with the "import" and "load" options, but don't quite get what's going on (and the manual doesn't cover it well enough for me either).


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I don't remember that you can choose something about bits when import or load files. So if it's a single file, simply drag and drop it on the track.

You will work internally in 32 bits so no problem with your 16 bits file.

If there're a lot of files to import, you can drag and drop, but the files will be in the same track. If it's multitrack files, use the Load Files command, and in Options, choose Load Files to Different Tracks. Check others options that could be important for you.



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I have imported 16bit 441 files into my 24bit projects with no errors or messages of any kind really.

other apps would freak out. Not our Samp! ;)

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