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Vst Midi Cc Output

Blue Cat Audio

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we develop DirectX and VST plug-ins and some of them send MIDI CC messages. Some customers reported that they did not manage to use the MIDI messages in Samplitude. Is it possible to connect the MIDI output of a VST plug-in to the MIDI input of another one? That's something that can be done in most sequencers, and I still did not find the way to do it with Samplitude.

See an example of what I mean with other sequencers:

Cubase: http://www.bluecataudio.com/Tutorials/Tuto...rPro_CubaseLive

Ableton live: http://www.bluecataudio.com/Tutorials/Tuto...Pro_AbletonLive

Sonar: http://www.bluecataudio.com/Tutorials/Tuto...PeakMeterPro_01

Thanks for the help!

BTW we offer a free license of our product for a good tutorial, so if you are interested to write one for Samplitude, contact us!

Blue Cat Audio


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A tutorial for Samplitude has finally been released, in spite of the VST MIDI output limitation. This tutorial uses automation curves instead.

It's a simple tutorial with the Digital Peak Meter Pro Product (DPMP), but it's applicable to the Dynamics product and Widening Meter Pro as well. It explains how to use the generated envelopes to control another effect on another track.

Tutorial : DPMP in MAGIX Samplitude


Thanks again for your answer that saved us a lot of time :)

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VST MIDI Out + Audio Out Recording (just for Mixer FX Monitoring/Hybrid Engine): Now you can record VSTi audio outputs for VSTi return tracks by activating recording in these tracks as you would do normally. "MIDI Out" can be activated for every track VST plug-in or VSTi in the Plug-in Panel menu. This causes MIDI data of the VSTi to be sent and recorded in another track. By activating the option "VST MIDI Out recording" on a track you can record all received VSTi MIDI Out data in the corresponding track. If MIDI Thru is activated, this signal can also be routed to another VSTi/VST-FX or external MIDI device.

It seems the functionality we were looking for is now implemented, isn't it?

BTW does anyone know when the 9.1 demo is available?

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