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Mouse Scroll With Third Party Plug-in Question


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hi scott,

unfortunately i have to say that it depends on the vsti or plugin itself. samplitude has no influence on this because the call on this plugs opens up their own GUI which has its own behaviour.

cheers, andy

Thanx Andy

So do I need to hound the PLug Mannfuactures for and update...? It's weird that none of the scrolling functions, that work in Cubase SX 3, work in V9. Do you have any mouse wheel functions, with your third party plugs & SAM?

thanx scott

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The VST plugins that come with Sam/Seq (am-suite/VariVerb) provide functioning mousewheel support. To achieve this, I've implemented the simplest thing: there are 'wheel messages' that The OS (Windows) sends around and I simply catch and process them. This is what plugin manufacturers *should* simply do, from my point of view. It's dead easy, reliable and not host-dependant.

Some plugins, however, seem to rely on a method that I'd call a 'Steinberg hack' where messages have to be collected by the host which passes them on to the plugin. This was once given as an example and might be implemented in Cubase and Nuendo (I'm not sure of that, though).

I'm uncertain how many manufacturers actually do it that way, but if they do, it's yet another non-standardised dirty trick on top of the VST specs, that don't deserve the word 'specs' quite right because you can always do what you want by overriding good habits...

To cut it short, you may ask the UAD guys if they were so kind to handle classic WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages themselves as millions of apps do. I'd be curious to know.

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