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Lost Midi Input


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I've had my VSTi instruments working fine on Samplitude SE version 8.3 earlier, but now I can't hear any of my VSTi virtual synths. When I hit a key on the synth there is no MIDI activity. I can load a MIDI track and a VSTi synth and that plays just fine. I thought that I've checked all the settings but I must have missed something - I keep getting the following message when I go to load a VST synth:

"For software instruments realtime monitoring you have to activae the following options:

ASIO driver system

ASIO software monitoring or FX monitoring

Input monitoring (REC M)"

I am using the latest version of ASIO4all

I have the small speaker in the track properties panel selected (turns blue)

I have the large REC M button on the transport seleted (turns blue)

What am I missing?

Sorry, I got it now, at least for the moment! I had a setting screwed up: Options>System/Audio...>Record Devices>Monitoring Settings> Monitoring Mode> Had it set to Peakmeter Monitoring and changed it to Software FX Monitoring.

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Sounds like your driver system is set to MME or WDM..

Press Y on your keyboard and make sure ASIO is activated.

Monitoring mode can be set in the same place, or by right

clicking the REC M button. Use either Software or Software

FX monitoring mode. Last, make sure Force Monitoring (the

speaker button) is turned on in the track properties.



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