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Glue Glitch...


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Just thought I'd throw this out there....the other day I glued two objects that include the first and second part of a guitar solo. I hit play, and the audio for the guitar solo was screwed up...it sounded as though it were being run through a blender. I went to undo it, but the option wasn't available ("Undo" was grayed out, and it wasn't in the history). I then figured I'd reimport the original files, but it appears to be a destructive edit and the originals don't exist anymore, so going to the BAK file didn't help either.

Luckily I back up my sessions to a separate drive and was able to import the original files. I've glued only once before, and it went fine, but now I'm nervous about doing it. Is there a way to make it non-destructive?

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Glue is always non destructive as it writes a new file

to the Freezedata subfolder. You can verify this by

opening the Object editor and check the audio file

path in the Position/Fades section.

As for the glitch, that's a v9.0 issue with Glue/Freeze

in tracks that are set to mono. It's fixed in version 9.01.



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