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"invalid Master Track"


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As I get near the end of mixing projects I always end up with a few tracks that are labeled "Invalid Master Track". They are alway the last tracks listed, and if I attempt to delete one Samp crashes. Any idea what's going on?

Also, is it possible to have a master track (for example to fade out a song within the mix)? How do I insert one?

I can't find all this in the manual.



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Another interesting thing happened: I added an aux track to the project, and decided I didn't need it, and hit "undo". When I did that, the next-to-last 2 aux tracks (which I set up days ago) at the bottom of the project area lost all their settings and reverted to generic names "aux 10" and "aux 11", and the very last aux track lost its settings and now had the name "Master Track". This all happened when I undid the adding of a new aux track near the top of the project area. WEIRD!

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