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Need A Litttle Help Or Info


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1. can I set a global quantize before I record any midi? like make it part of a template?

2. grid...can it start at 00.00.00 or do I have to start at 01?

3. maybe a suggestion for an update...ability to have a ruler track and bar /beat track..like other daw's

4. bar beat grid, to be "finer" I would like more verticle lines, but not by zooming way out or in...

i'd like to see 1/4 note lines no matter how I zoom the arrange window....

oh, yeah, speaking of arrange window..this bugged me in cubase and now bugs me in sam....when I change the tempo, the arrange window moves...I dont want anything to move or change or do anything, when I change the tempo. all I want to see is the playback bar move according and the audio / midi sound according, but notmove...

more specifically, im at 120 bpm, and the object fits 4 bars, I change the tempo and bam, it no longer fits the 4 bars.....nooo, I didnt tell it to do that, I only told it to speed up or slow down.....

yeah, that "feature" bugs me to no end B)

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