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Audio Computers V Regular?


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I want to by a new computer that I can use solely for music production. I will be running Samplitude Pro (version 9) and I will be recording songs comprising just acoustic guitar and voice. I have a Focusrite Saffire LE audio interface.

Looking around, there are music stores which sell computers which are claimed to be much more suited to recording music than regular computers -- but they are a *lot* more expensive.

Aside from the provision of a quiet cooling fan, what exactly is the extra money for? And, is it worth it, or is there a healthy dose of hype here?


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Greetings Echo. I run a commercial studio and use a computure built for me by the local comp store. Get a good MOBO and graphics card. Lots of RAM, 2 HD,s (or more) Windows XP and leave out all the extra programs you do not need. You will save a lot of money and even more headaches. With all the money you save, buy a UAD-1 card!


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