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Samplitube And Line 6 Conflict...!

Angry Chair

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Hi I hope someone can help me.

I'm using Samplitude V8SE along with the Line 6 UX2 and EZ Drummer.

I'm using the UX2 as my main interface along with the UX2 Asio Drivers to send and receive. I've input a drum track via a USB keyboard and EZ Drummer and now want to riff over the top. The problem I find though is that I need to have the 'Out to Hardware' ( in the UX2) level up to max to be able to hear the drum output. I find though this causes tons of clipping when playing along with the guitar..! If I reduce the guitar's 'record' level down it cuts the quality of the guitar signal. If I reduce the 'Out to Hardware' down I can't hear the drum pattern but does cut down on the clipping...! The 'Monitor' level is down as well. I've tried playing around with the settings but can't find a happy medium.

I find that if I have the toneport software on without Samplitube on it's fine. It's also fine if I'm starting a new project in Samplitube and the guitar is the first thing to record. The problem seems to stem from when I'm going to record over a midi drum track that it seems to ramp up the Line 6 Software.

Has anyone else come accross this or can help....?

Many thanks


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