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Hello World, Hello Samp! With New Macbook Pro, Raid 0


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hello to everyone on the SAMP forum!

i have ordered myself a copy of SAMP 9 Pro for christmas, congratulations, etc.

i am moving from Cubase SX3, tempted by the promise of better sound quality, better quality effects and the rest of the very impressive feature set.

so, i intend to get a new laptop in the new year for my primary recording and mixing rig.

i am strongly considering a Macbook Pro, Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz, to be used with an RME FF800 and a Glyph GT 062 external hard drive running in RAID 0 mode, both over FW800.

if anyone has any reason to doubt the merits of this system please do tell why.

many thanks,

best regards,

rock and roll,


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As far as I know Samp works fine on MacBooks using bootcamp .



ah, so Samp is PC only? no Mac OS?

in that case i might just go for a PC laptop, but i really want FW800 and haven't yet found a PC laptop that has it!

does FW800 even work properly in Win XP yet?




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ah cool, thanks for clearing that up.

i'm looking at the IBM Lenovo range now.

i have gotten some very good feedback on them, re sturdyness, reliability, build quality, support (all things worth putting some money towards!)

FW800 Express Card and i should be laughing.


seasons greetings and thank you,


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