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Last Time I Bug You Guys I Swear!


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Just want to make sure my system is setup correctly.

my daw is an AM2 dual 2.2ghz

3 gigs ddr, asus m2n32 mobo

E-Mu 1820M audio

anybody who has a similar setup might be able to help.

what has been the best buffer,bitrate,latency setting that keeps the pops and clicks to an absolute minimum?

It was odd, my latency was at 50ms...but it felt like 12ms. Other daw apps at 12ms, it would feel horrible..this was only just noticeable...

does this mean in more or less terms I can run at a ihgher latency (sound card settings) adjust the asio buffer in samp to taste and have as good or better performance than in say sx3?

thanks guys, I hate asking such q's, im new to samp but all to familiar with the other daws B)

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