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Samplitude Problems: Open A .vip And It's Out Of Phase..


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Hi there,

I've been having some issues with samplitude. I'll create a new .VIP Project, import what I need, do my work and editing, everything is fine, sounds fine. I'll even burn a CD and it's fine too. I'll save the project and close the program. When I open the project again the songs are severly out of phase. I can go into reeltime effects and invert the right or left phase and it sounds normal again. This happens every time I save and re-open a project. I've even created a new project, done NOTHING to it but saved and upon reopening its out of phase again. This is probably something simple, but rarely do I know what I'm doing. :blink:

Any suggestions?


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there's a bug about that, no ? make a search in the forum.

I remember reading something about that.

I have seen this few times in v8 (?). You must check the main out of the mixer after openning the .vip : one fader is completely down, and out of phase. Simply double click on the fader and it will return to 0db.

Hope this helps

best regards


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