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"play Into Loop" Bug ?


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Hi im testing out the version 9 demo now and I am not sure if I have found a bug or if it is done on purpose.

The pplay into loop" button doesn't work when the whole file is selected, only a portion can be selected. Samplitude stops playback at the end of file and doesn't loop and its only when the wave project is set to non destructive edit.

1. open a wave file for editing and set to non destructive

2. make a small region selection

3. push "play into loop" and it loops fine.

4 select the whole waveform and it doesn't loop anymore.

5. Do this all again but this time with the destructive edit active and it will loop on small selections and the whole wave selected.

So my question is this: Why can't I use "play into loop" when a whole file is selected and in non destructive edit mode?

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