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New Former Pro Tools User


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I have been lurking the forum for a long time but this is my first post.

I am a long time Pro Tools/Cubase user who is ready for a change.

I love Cubase sx3 for midi but never liked it for audio.

I like PT very much but the LE version is so unstable and you have to make your computer

practically useless to make it work.

The HD version I use in studios is great but way to expensive.

I have tried the demo and the sound engine is one of the best I've ever heard.

I would like to see a tutorial on editing the wave files to compare to PT

also I have had a problem with the rental version and have not heard back from Magix and am a little concerned about customer service.

I purchased

the e version for a month and it says the download is in the confirmation email but it is not.

Help anyone

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Hi Chulio,

Editing in Samplitude using the Universal Mouse Mode is quite similar to editing in Pro Tools. You can trim start and ending of objects by simply draging the blue handles that you see in the picture.


In the same way you can also adjust fade in/out and the object volume. In the Fade Editor (ctrl + F) or in the object editor (double click in the lower part of an object) you can adjust the fade curves. To seperate an object just place the cursor and hit the 'T' key.

The biggest difference to other DAW is that Samplitude works object orientated. That means that you can apply effects, EQ settings, etc. to a certain object in the timeline and these effects will be calculated in real time while the object is played back. A different object on the same track can have completely different settings. In this way you can safe a lot of tracks and keep a better overview of large projects.

Also, it is possible to open more than one session at a time. This can be quite useful sometimes. On the Samplitude 9 installer DVD there are some tutorial videos. I think they can be found at youtube.

I can't tell anything about the rental version. Maybe you should write to samplitude@magix.net and tell them about your problem?



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I am SFR user and I must say that customer service is very fast.Response time is 1or 2 days.

Just mail them again

They took care of it.

Thanks guys, I look forward to making new friends while I learn the new software.

I really like the object editing now that I get it.

Tail about saving time and tracks and miles of automation. very cool!

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