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Midi Usb Or Pci Connectivity.


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I have always used usb for midi as I just used basic controllers.

My E-mu 1820M has 2 midi ports...I wonder if hooking up my controllers this way would possibly lower latency or fix "possible" timing issues??

I dont think I suffer timing issues as much as loop and a couple of recording / display "wishes"

my devices are :

1. Korg PadKontrol

2. AKAI MPD 24

3. M-Audioo keystation, wich I have replaced with an ensoniq, just as a controller...testing latency..seems okay.. :)

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hi dr. funk,

we suggest to prefer PCI prior USB for connecting Midi. Because of the character of USB as a serial bus...

So there are some issues depending of the DAW configuration (u know: every machine is not like the other..as men are).

But when your system is running perfectly, you have no need to change your config.

cheers, andy

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