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Will There Be Groove Quantize In 9.1 For Audio And Midi?

dusted william

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There are already several other posts on this topic, including one I replied to earlier today.

It IS rumored (and mentioned in other posts) that this is planned for 9.1 (amongst other expanded MIDI features).

In the interim you can do composite range/grid/beat/loop functions to determine tempo, beats, and cut points that will get you close to the same result.

Demos of these features in Cubase and Logic at NAMM looked really clunky.

I will bet that Samplitude's MIDI features will surpass the other apps very soon, since they have a whole team working on it - so feel free to jump in!

Have fun,


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thanks siriusbliss,

Your answer before lead me to beleive that you were saying it could find the tempo of audio, not groove quantize.

There are just a few things I need, then I will jump ship to samp

I don't have the demo yet so I can't test out what you explain.

thanks for the help


Yeah, definitely grab the demo and jump in.

Like I mentioned, I realized watching the demos at NAMM that I have already been doing something approximating groove quantize, only that I think the Samp. devs will have a much more elegant approach soon.


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Volker corrected me on another post that groovequantize will not be in 9.1, but is planned.

I figure something might show up towards Summer - seeing how quickly, yet thoroughly Magix works.

Lots of other MIDI features and enhancements ARE coming in 9.1


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