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Just Registered Samp 9. How Do I Upgrade To 9.02?


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I've been trying to upgrade to 9.02 now and on the Service page on the same website here http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/service.html

It also ask me for the Upgrade Number. and says "Please enter the number you received from our sales department here." B)

Where do I find this number? I tried using the original CODE number but that didn't work. :rolleyes:

Any tips?

Sea :D

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Sorry if this seems like a dumb question: do you need to install 9.0.1 before installing 9.0.2?

Yeah I admit it I'm new. I'll probably have a bunch of other equally dumb questions as times goes by. Just installed SamPro a few minutes ago so am slowly starting down the path to enlightenment.

The only other question I have is in regards to the dongle. I'm new to dongles too. Originally I was getting a dialog box at startup asking me to upgrade from V8 to V9. I can just ignore that right? Doesn't mean anything since I already have V9 correct?

If we upgrade to V10 (which I assume will happen eventually), we will have to do something with this right? Some sort of upgrade process for the dongle? Or if you can explain all that I'd appreciate it.

I'll be spending a few nights with the book obviously. I find it's usually best to just read through these things like a novel first and then let as much of it sink in as possible. And then start twiddling knobs and switches and stuff. Thanks!

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all patches are self containing. This means they contain the complete delta from Vx.0 to Vx.y. So, you only need to install the final patch.

Make a copy of the original state, though. Thus you can roll back in a minute if you run into an issue with the new version. This copy is more or less the Sequoiatude program folder in C:/programs/ or C:/Magix, whatever you have chosen as installation path.



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