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Why Can't I Get Rid Of Inserts And Plug In?


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I have in my start up a couple of inserts showing up which are the dynamics, distortion and delay. I am unable to move them or make them disapear.

Also I have my BFD drums in midi track under plug ins. When I click on it and choose "no effect", it does not get rid of it. This behaviour does not happen with other plug ins that I add.

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The BFD shown in the plug-in slot is just for visualizing that audio-return is coming from BFD to this track. I suggest to use the VSTi manager to either completely remove a VSTi from the VIP or to reset VSTi audio output routings to any VIP tracks - simply select the VSTi or output and press the DEL key.

Having a visualizing of the audio return... I like that. I noticed it did the same with my other VST insturments as well. I also found teh VST instruments in the Manager icon as well. Thanks for the info.

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