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Please Post Your Hardware Setup


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Please post your hardware setup

Lets start a list of working setups so new users can save tme and money

What sound-card


audio interface

midi interface



Motu 828

motu midi timepiece

I'm still trying to decide what to replace my 002 with for my flying faders

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Mobile Rig 1:

DAW with Sequoia 8.31

3 x Lynx AES 16

Yamaha DM2K with AES Cards + 2 x ADDA 96 for Outboard Analog IN/ Out + AES96S for

Digital Outboard FX( PCM 91,M 2000, M 3000, Reverb 4000, D Two),

2 x Audient ASP 008 with AES/ EBU and ADAT Option to have 40 Channel IN

Mobile Rig 2:

Dell Precision M 60 Laptop + Fireface 800 (incl. TCO) + SamPro 9.02

no Midi

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Besides what's in the signature I have a parallel port version MOTU MTP AV. It was always finiky in Cubase SX and it already has been in annoying with Samp9. I actually haven't done ANY real MIDI work with SAMP yet, but my MTPAV has a tendancy to 'disappear' and I have to restart the interface or reboot to get it going again. :blink:

I'm looking at either getting :

MOTU MTP AV USB (or the model that is the next step down)

ESI Miditerminal M8U (I read this is the one the Samp MIDI developer has :) )

MidiSport 8x8 9discontinued??)

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Here is my entire platform:

Intel DG965RY motherboard

Intel E6600 2.4GHz Duo Core Processor 1066MHz FSB

EVGA e-Geforce 7900 GS KO PCIe graphics card

2GB Crucial Technologies DDR2-800 PC2-6400 memory

2) Seagate Barracuda 320GB SATA hard drives

Plextor PX-716A DVD-R drive

Coolmax 600W power supply

Antec rackmount case

1) Creamware Scope Professional soundcard w/Z-Link option interface module

1) Creamware XTC soundcard (used only for DSP resources)

1) Creamware A16 Ultra AD converter

1) Acer AL1916 19" LCD display

1) Acer AL1917W 19" LCD display

Windows XP Pro

Zalman CPU heatsink/fan

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