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Dfh Superior Question


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first let me say hi all, I got the 399 deal and am loving it...I also see quite a few familiar names 'round here <_<

anyhow I'm sure I'm missing something simple but samp won't remember my dfhs sound settings. I want to save a template but when I reopen the project all my drum sounds can't be found and I have to reload dfhs which sets up different tracks. I'm not concerned about the template though, the problem is it happens when I save a project too, which makes working with dfhs in samp pointless...what am I doing wrong?

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Hi Hink and welcome <_<

Are you saying the path to your drum sounds is missing? I've been using DFHS for two years with Samplitude and it's worked very well only occasionally when I open a song I get a message saying I need to set the path for the sounds DHFS/C&V but the mappings have always remained and I don't have to open a new instance . I'm not sure what's happening in your case.

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Glad you got it working.

I had a similar issue after a fresh dfhS installtion on a new computer a while back.

I love how Samplitude handles dfhS and instantly maps the track when you bring in MIDI tracks.

Try using several instances of dfhS and see what happens :lol:


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