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Having Issues With The Samplitude Website


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I have a new computer that was built for recording and reloaded Samp 7.0 and upgraded to 9.0. I want to get the updates for both, but for some reason when I get to the Samplitude site, instead of the animation showing up I have these blank areas instead. Some things show up like the listing of the individual program features on the right side of the screen, the news update for the new plugin suites, etc., but since the Home, Products, Support, etc. buttons are inside the animated part of the website I cannot see them or get access to these areas (I am typing this from my girlfriends computer). I am guessing there is a setting that is disabled which does not allow me to see this part of the website.

Any ideas?


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I'd check your Windows/browser system security settings (and also possibly settings of any third party antivirus/firewall etc software.)

If you are using Windows Internet Explorer, open a browser and then from the menu select Tools and then Internet Options. Check the settings on the Security tab (and also the Privacy and Advanced tabs possibly). You can just set your overall security level to one step lower than it is now and see if that helps (close and open a new browser between changes). If not go one step lower until it works. OR you can do a custom setup and just enable stuff you need. I like to do this. You'll see a lot of things that are disabled by default, so change the setting to Prompt, that way if it's needed you can allow it or not if you aren't sure of the site.

best of luck!

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You do mean this bit?


Well it is Flash, but I'm not 100% that's your problem. Are you sure the player is installed correctly? Does it show under Add/remove programs? What if you right-click on the content, do you get the Flash context menu (ends with About Adobe Flash Player …)?

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