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Objects Disappearing


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It's been awhile since I have used Samplitude. Have Samp 7.0 installed and just upgraded to Samp 9.0. Just got finished recording some tracks for our bands demo and after closing out Samp 7.0 and 9.0, reopened 7.0 later (which is where they tracks were recorded) and on almost every song we recorded I get the following message when the project opens up:

"Object entry behind physical sample

Object: Take 9 (varies)

Track: 1 varies)

VIP Position: 0

File: (lists path to .wav file)"

This message reappears for most of the tracks in the project, but not all of them. The message gives the option in 7.0 to either "Continue" or "Cancel". In 9.0 I also have an option to "Load All". I have tried to open the projects in both versions and have tried all the offered options, bottom line is most of my waveforms do not show up. Have I lost them?

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


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hi terral,

did you do your work with your soundfile simultaneously in sam 7 and sam 9? if you did, then it could be that the references in your sound objects to your soundfile doesnt have the correct data of your soundfile because you made e.g. a destructive work in 9 to shorten the soundfile but 7 only has informations about the lager state of the same file. so at saving the work behind the sound objects in the VIP are laying wrong informations and at restart of your work there comes up a failure message.

my tip: only work on copies of your original soundfiles, for each program its separate copy. and if you like to work in both programs on same files, do it one after another with trackbouncings at each works end and loading these new file as replacement.

otherwise you got a lot of trouble...

cheers, andy

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