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Favourite Rhodes Plugin

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I have tubed Keys and yeah its killer. One sound but kiler.

Ill look into scarbee for more sounds I think :P

Anybody see the new rhodes mk7? :D

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I've been demoing AAS Lounge Lizard, and really like it. Since it's modeled, t's really tweakable, and microtunable if you're into that - I am, so it fits me. It's not so gritty, but I'd rather use "external" plugs to tailor that anyway.

I'm no rhodesofile though, so I can't say how close it is to a real one. It sure is easy to carry though. :P

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I have tubed Keys, which is ony one rhodes..but its sick :blink:

Scarbee looks more my sdpeed. I dont mind an 11gig program. Nope..not at all. and tweaking..well....im too stupid to tweak. :wub:

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