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Dongle Problems


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I’ve just run into a dongle problem; it all started when I swapped out my old self powered USB hub for 2 new self powered hubs. After that, my computer would take minutes to start; it would be stuck on “verifying NVRAM” for about 2-3 minutes. I would also get a “USB Device not recognized” message.

After unplugging things one by one, I found that my Samp dongle is causing the problem; my machine starts as normal with out the dongle. Under the device manager I kept seeing an “unknown device” that device turns out to be the dongle.

Finally, when I go to open Samp I get a message that says,” Program needs cm stick with 100058:131072 (code 200) License not found” I’m then asked to re-try or cancel.

Has anyone experienced this before? I’ve returned to the original USB hub, but it’s still the same. I’d appreciate any help. Like I said, things were running smoothly before I swapped out hubs.

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