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Take Composer And Comping/editing Question


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When i open the Take Composer to comp some objects i have a problem. I use the scissor tool, which is nice, and I have the take i am wanting to cut out a part of below the take i want to add the part into and when i cut with the scissors the piece from the cut point to the end of the object magically moves to the track above. So now i have, for example, Take 121 in the upper track and have added a section of Take 130 into Take 121, so far so good. Now I want just a section of Take 130, not everything from the split to the end. Lets say there are 3 sections that i want in the final comped Take - Take 121, Take 130 and the last part of Take 121. I am finding it difficult to get the other section of Take 121 to show up. I had luck once by copying take 121 to another track in the Take Composer, and then brought it up underneath the partially comped track and used the scissors tool. It did not work when i tried it tonight. Surely I am missing something.

Also, if I am out of the Take Composer and in the VIP window and say i want to do the same thing between Tracks, when i split the section out of the track with the 'T'/split command and move it up/down to the track i want to add it to, the track i want to add it to no longer shows up after the point I insert the piece from the other track. I used to use Vegas and I could split tracks and join tracks all day long and use the cross fade editor with no issues what so ever. I hope i am just missing something here, this really should be a very easy thing to accomplish (and probably is if you know how).


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