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Inactivet State For Vst Effects?

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I'm having a tuff time deciphering what this is all abaout:

From the SAM web site

The new "Inactive" state for VST instruments and VST effects

Plug-ins can now be completely deactivated so that memory space can be freed up. When reactivating the plug-ins the last state is restored in its entirety.

If you set VST plug-ins to "Inactive" by pressing "Shift+Alt+Click" in the plug-in slot of the corresponding track, these plug-ins are completely removed from RAM. This way, no more resources are used in conjunction with the hardware systems like "PowerCore" or "UAD". :wub:

Would anyone mind going into further detail... what's the use of this? I use 2 Uad-1 cards.



By the way... CAn I have access to the main forum PLEASE? :blink:

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I'll try...

Firstly one should understand that with hybrid mode the Samplitude mixer is on all the time. Theoretically you could plug a mic in and use on a reverb plugin on your voice. :wub:

Now if you need to free up resources, this is not always advantageous. That's what the new feature is all about.


UAD users were having some issues with plugins that would not unload after a track freeze. This solves that issue.

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>Would anyone mind going into further detail... what's the use of this? I use 2 Uad-1 cards.

Usually a plugin inserted in the project just can be off or on. It will always need

memory (sometimes a lot, e.g when using a sampler), and for some DSP cards

it might even need card resources when switched off (this should not be, since

we're telling the plugin that it's switched off, but obviously there were reported

problems ).

In Samplitude these problems might even have been more visible than in other

hosts, since we may keep the plugins for undo purposes, even after deleting


So there's a 3rd state now: switched off and inactive, which basically means

the plugin is completely removed from the project, just its settings are kept.

This usually needs much less memory and definitely needs no other host or

DSP card resources.

This state can be trigggered manually by shift-alt-click.

It is automatically used for the above mentioned undo purposes and for

freezing VSTi.

This should mean:

-a completely freezed VSTi (e.g, Sampler) won't need any memory or CPU

resources anymore

-after deleting a VST plugin it won't be visible in any UAD or Powercore

resource displays anymore - but you can still undo the delete operation!

-if you're working with UAD / Powercore plugins in inactive tracks or

objects, you can decide anytime to switch them off completely this way,

but still keep their settings, in case you need them later again



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All new futures in 9.1 are amazing.

Inactive state of VST+VSTFX is one of the most important futures for me.

I have 2 gb ram AND 2 UAD-1 cards.I have some very ram hungry VSTI(one alone eats 1.2 gb ram).

And inactive UAD plugs state is like a dreams become realitty future.

And first time I see UAD stereo and mono under VSTFX properly.

Buying more ram is not an option becouse of UAD(not working with more then 2 gb ram).UAD team is working on solution(driver) or at least I hope they do for Vista 32 and 64.

Deep respect for developers again.


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