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Disk Usage With Variverb

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Sascha, does the Variverb algorithm use disk storage? When I enable two instances, it pushes my disk utilization over 100%. Without Variverb it sits at 20-30%.

I have Variverb inserted on two mono tracks from rear ambience mics in a concert hall. These tracks are panned between L and LS and between R and RS respectively. I wanted to spread the existing reverberance between front and rear (not add more), so I started with the early reflections patch, changed to expert mode, and zeroed out the reverb tail. That leaves me with 8 reflections to spread the ambience feeds between front and rear. I didn't expect that to take a lot a CPU, and it doesn't seem to. But it's killing me on disk bandwidth. What's going on?

David L. Rick

Seventh String Recording

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That's weird to me. VariVerb should load itself entirely into the RAM, so that no disk usage is involved. Typically, the OS takes control of this process; I just allocate enough memory for all the delay buffers associated with the reverberation algos, and done. As long as physical RAM is available, no unexpected things should happen.

As we haven't encountered such a problem before, I suspect it's something different. Perhaps some other settings are messed up. Did you change any of the VST performance settings? Or: can you revert back to the initial state of the program? I think it's important to inspect that from a 'fresh' perspective.

Other question: does that happen with all engine modes (hybrid on/off) and with any driver model (ASIO, WDM, MME)? How large are the buffers?

One more: does it occur with any project file (even new ones / from scratch)?

Which program & version are you using (Samplitude, Sequoia)? Or are you refering to the host-independent VST version?

What audio hardware is installed?

Are you running multiple CPUs?

It might not be easy to sort that out, so *any* further info is appreciated.



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I haven't yet had an opportunity to investigate this further. I'm running Sequoia on a single-CPU P-4 at 2.8MHz with 1G of RAM. Audio hardware is 3 Lynx II plus a LS-AES. I can't say for sure that the problems weren't simply version 9.x / Lynx problems, but I work mostly in WDM mode. When things calm down a little bit (and maybe we have the version 9.x problems solved) I will try to perform the experiments you suggest.

Best regards,

David L. Rick

Seventh String Recording

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