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Take Manager & Composer With Multiple Tracks?

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Hi. I was primarily a Samp user thru v7, I own v9 but haven't used it meaningfully, and I'm trying to sort out whether to switch to it as my primary mixing software again. This is really a newbie question, so I'm posting here; any help would sure be appreciated.

The take manager/composer in v9 is a huge improvement over v7 -- take manager wasn't something I found usable in v7, while v9 works intuitively and well. The thing I haven't sorted out is how to use it across multiple tracks.

There may be an extremely short answer, like 'you can't' or 'just do X.' To make sure I'm being clear about what I mean, let's say you have 3 tracks from a guitar: one spot mic plus a pair of room mics. If you're auditioning the takes in the take manager, you'll want them linked up, so that if Take 3 is playing on the spot mic, it's also playing in the room mics. Likewise, if you use take composer on the spot mic track to comp, you'll want the exact same comp on the other 2 tracks.

I haven't found a way to associate the tracks to make this work. Is it possible?

Thanks again, in advance.


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Hi, I'm considering switching to Samp 10, but I can't work out multi-track comping.

Say I have 12 tracks recorded, and 4 of them are drums (4 drum mics).

I have 3 takes of drums (4 tracks, each with 3 takes).

How do I comp those 4 tracks so that they have matching takes (ie that the 4 tracks use the same take for each part) without editing the other, non-drum tracks?

Please forgive me for being an idiot, but I simply can't get my head around this!



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Ok, so I record my 4 tracks (for example) 5 times.

I select (in the main window) these four tracks?

Then I go to take manager, leave 'apply to all track' ticked?

Open take composer, comp the track, then close/apply.

Is that that right? That will apply the comping ONLY to the tracks selected in step one?

Sorry for being thick!

Also, if I do it this way (assuming this is correct) how do I choose which track to use as a 'guide' track? ie, if I've got snare/kick/OH/OH on four tracks, how do I choose one of the OH tracks to use as a guide track while applying the comping to all 4 tracks?

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Hi Adamamam,

The Take Composer is really only designed for comping single tracks as I showed in the video its for compiling an ideal take out of several takes . For example if your recording multiple looped tapes of a guitar solo on track one . When you open the Take Composer or those takes will be aligned underneath each other and the track at the top would be what I call the master track . So when you select a range of any other sections of the tracks below and then use Shift+ C these will be amended to the top master track. And when you have finished and close the window the top master track will appear in place as the comped guitar track.

The Take Manager is really your only option for comping mulitrack drums . In your case if you have recorded 12 tracks and four of the tracks are drums . The first thing you need to do is to make sure they are ungrouped . If all you want to do is switch between different takes make sure you have the option " replace takes on all tracks" ticked in the Take Manager window and under "options" deselect " show all multi-tracked takes".

Then you can either right click on one of the objects and choose "Select Takes " and there should be a list of the 3 takes you have recorded so whatever take you select from that list should be updated in the arrange page.The other method would be to leave the Take Manager open and just tick one of the boxes next to the take a number you want to select and again this should update the arrange page . Although it seems that you can swap takes based on object selection in this mode . So if if only tracks 1 and 2 are selected in the arrange only these will be updated .

The other scenario is if you just want to swap between takes on one drum track . For example you may be happy with the takes on drum tracks 2,3 and 4 but you want to try an alternate take of track one .In this case make sure you have " Replace takes on all tracks" unticked and then when you select the track 1 object the list should be updated in the Take Manager and then you can switch between takes for track 1 in that way or again by right clicking on the object and selecting from the list there . Of course changing just track one may cause issues if you have an overhead track so in that case you would have to select the OH track as well so that there isn't a conflict although you would need to re tick " replace takes on all track " in this case . You don't state what drums are recorded on each track . I'm guessing track 1 -Kick 2 - Snare 3 - Toms and 4 - OH .

I was planning on making a tutorial for multiple drum takes but I have a feeling that they will be re vamping the way it works for a future release and I am also still very busy finishing off the Ammunition Tutorial wich seems to be a lifetimes work !. I may have time to make a quick video explaining what I've typed here but it wouldn't be for a few days . Anyway I hope that explanation somehow helps .



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OK, thanks for replying, but now I'm even more confused!

Above, it seems to be implied that I can comp multiple takes on multiple tracks simultaneous, but you seem to be saying I can't - that comping takes (using the take composer) only works for a single track.

I understand what you mean about switching between takes on multiple tracks, but I need to be able to COMP on multiple tracks.

Obviously with (say) three drum takes of a song, if I want to use take two of the snare mic for bar two, I'll also want take two of the kick/OH/Room/whatever for bar two, since otherwise the takes won't match and all manner of craziness will ensue.

So, I'm confused as to whether this is possible, and if so how.


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