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Connecting Midi Keyboard


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hello everybody, I must admit that i am a noob in the first degree when it comes to this.

A couple of weeks ago i bought myself a miditech midistart 2 keyboard. usb connected to my pc. Magix samplitude was included. I play the piano ever since i was a little kid but when it comes 2 computers I am nothing more then a noob.

I've been reading the manual for weeks, Tried a million times but still the damn thing doesn't works.

Tried the same thing with fruity loops 6, no luck there either.

There's probably an easy solution for this problem but please,

can anybody help me out with a quickstart toturial.

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Did you install the driver ?

I have downloaded the doc here http://www.miditech.de/links.htm but it don't say anything about this !!! But you can find here the last drivers


Page 7 of the manual states that the USB drivers must be installed first and page 10 has some USB trouble shooting tips! ;)

Was Samplitude setup correctly for MIDI? In the Options menu select System/Audio (or just press the 'Y' key. ) Then click the MIDI item in the tree and set the Global Recording Dev :


Don't forget to set the Global Play device correctly too.

Then with some luck all you will have to worry about is MIDI channels. There are basically 16 MIDI channels available. You need to make sure your keyboard is transmitting the same MIDI channel you are trying to record/play. Also, make sure your synth is set to receive the same MIDI channel.

Please feel free to give more details about what you have tried and ask more questions.

Best of luck!

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A heads up if and when you switch to Vista..

So far all my midi gear is recognized without drivers....except my midi sport, which I havent really used much.

My MPD 24, shows up as mpd24, not usb device..so goes the uc-33, Keystation, so forth and so on..

this will help quite abit with multiple setups like most of us. ;)

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hello, I have a M-Audio Oxygen 49 midi keyboard, and I'am useing Samplitude ProX and I can't seem to get my keyboard to work.the drivers are installed, though it really doesn't need them. when I play the little keyboard in the Vita virtual instrument it plays, but I can't get audio from my midi keyboard. I would appreciate some help

thanks Kindly

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You cannot have audio in a midi keyboard. For the audio I would check your audio output of the track if your audio card is detected.

If you have checked the midi input and output of your keyboard it should work. You would have to send a print screen of your midi setup to see if we can find some problem.

Maybe the midi input of the track is not assing to your keyboard check if in your midi input of your track you have midi all or the input of your keyboard.

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