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Notebook Speed For Sam

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New used here. Wanting to setup a notebook to used Sam for probably around 20 to 25 track mixes for live recording/editing.

Can anyone reccomend a good speed of laptop/memory config to run???

THinking about a Pentium 3.4 with maxed ram (around 2gig)

Former sonar user on old laptop, wondering what I need to use Sam. From using the demo it seems like a far similar program.

Thanks for the help!

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I havent noticed Samplitude to take up as much cpu resources as its competitors.

Youll really like it for live recording. Make sure you have a good sound card.

a single core 3.4 fpr live audio work is fine..as I doubt youll use fx / plugins while traching.

3 gigs ram will be plenty as well.

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i use sam 8 on a 1.6 lappy wit 1 gig of ram. i have a little trouble when i get past 16 tracks with vst effects (waves, n.i. komplete)the cpu meter and hd meter's spike and if i have multliple effects on each track plus the master on the mixer its overloaded. if i added another gig of ram i prob would be ok. it's a safe bet that if your running any newer core duo processor with at least a gig you should be ok.

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If you have a 3.4 P4 in a Laptop you also want a SUV starter battery for two hours of independent runtime, an SUV to transport both and a liquid cooling mod to have less fan noise than your monitors SPL. P4 is a electrical power hog and heating oven at it's best.

A Core2Duo mobile is rather the way to go.


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