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Problems With Quicktime?

darth fader

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I have been tracking a problem for months now.. and it seems that Quicktime is interfering with AIFF file playback (and also Altiverb - probably for the same reason).

I installed the latest version of QT from the Apple site, and it seems that it is not compatible with Seq.

Seems like the best / most stable version so far, is the one that came with the install disk for 9.X

Would it make sense to make this a part of the installer?

Or if not, at least see what's going on with the later QT versions?

Anyone else have problems with AIFFs?


Seq 9.1 / RME 9632

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I've never had problem with AIFF, but never install Quicktime (I hate it), I use QT Alternative (same for Real player ... ;) )

good luck


Huh... wonder why it's on the Sequoia install disk if it's a pain in the ass to use?

Maybe others have had similar issues with QT alt...

Thanks for the tip, though.


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QT is on the install disc because it is needed so that Sequoiatude can open .aiff files... Otherwise, Seq won't recognise that format (it pulls a codec out of the QT install).


I am aware of that.. that was the whole point of the thread - maybe i was not clear enough.

My point was, that since Seq. needs QT or QT Alternative to open AIFF files, and according to more than one person, QT is 'a pain in the rear'.. then why is IT on the install disc, and not QT Alternative??

This was preceded by my original point about my troubles with Quicktime in general, and that leading to unstable playback of sessions with AIFF files (including everything i master) and problems with Altiverb, which i'm fairly sure uses AIFF files in their IR's.

I had found that going back to the QT version that was on the 9.X install disk, and not using the latest version, my system got a lot more stable (knock on wood).

SO - i guess this now officially brings us back to square one....

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See if the mega codec pack version 3 would work better for you.

K-lite mega codec pack I dont have a link but you can google k-lite codec ;)

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