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Can I Post To Samp And Seq?

darth fader

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Hey.. i've noticed that there are a LOT more people, and a lot more activity on the Samplitude forum than the Sequoia forum - understandably.

But, since there are a lot of things that are the same.. is it ok for me to post (the same) questions in both forums??

Obviously if i have questions re. the DDP export, or some such issues that i know are specific to Seq. i'll post accordingly, but i am realizing that there is a lot of info in the Samp. forum that's relevant to all of us.

Let me know.

Thank you

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Hey Husky,

how's things?

You will find a lot of Sequoia users in the Samplitude Forum, because as you rightly point out, a lot of issues are relevant to both programs.

The majority of posts in the Sequoia Forum are relevant to Sequoia-only issues.

It is probably better that you don't post the same questions in both forums as it will just bloat the issues.

I'm sure that you will receive the same competent answers from our (very experienced) Samplitude community as you will experience in the Sequoia forum.

That's one of the biggest advantages in this community - everybody is helping everybody. ;)

Registered Samplitude users have "read-only" rights to the Sequoia Forum and I know that a lot of them read regularly the issues that are posted there. They cannot post in the Sequoia Forum but they can PM the authors of the threads.

Best regards from Germany


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