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How To Solo A Track And Its Aux Send?

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Newbie here...I got two problems when soloing tracks. Imagine I have an AUX track loaded with variverb. And, I have some drum tracks (Bd, sd, hh and so on...) with activated sends to that AUX track at different levels (a bit of AUX send in the BD track, a bit more in the hh track, a little bit more in the snare track...). Well, a common situation in any daily mix.

But...for example, when I solo the snare track, I can only hear the dry track without the AUX send. I have to also solo the AUX track if I want to hear the snare track and its reverb (problem 1). And if I do so (problem 2), what I hear is not only the snare track and its reverb, but also the reverb of the rest of the drums! :blink:

What do I have to do to solve both problems? I would really appreciate if you could help me with this.


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This depends on the solo bus setup:

Phil's hint is correct for the default setting without any used solo bus.

Everything should work there as intended by you.

But if you have activated a solo / monitoring bus this can't work,

since the program can't distinguish the AUX return signals from

different feeding tracks. Hence "Solo safe" is disabled there

and when you activate the "Solo" for the AUX bus, you'll always

hear the return from all feeding tracks.



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