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Midi In And The Master Levels


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1. I am using the SAM sequencer and my Motif ES for sounds. When I run the sequence, I can see the sound level on each individual track I of my song. However, it does not hit the Master channel-level.

Each of the track level outs is pointing to the Stereo Master. I am currently also running Re-wire/Reason. The Reason Audio is hitting the master fader, but the other midi tracks are not. I am confused. This results in a lot of problems -- What is my problem.

2. In a related issue -- is there some way to automatically convert midi objects into audio objects? I am having to direct my mute all of my midi tracks (except for the one i would like recorded) and re-record each of my midi tracks as an audio track in order to burn a CD where I can hear the midi tracks (the tracks with solely midi objects).

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The track level meter in the mixer shows MIDI activity, but the MASTER level meter only shows audio signals, never MIDI. MIDI isn't routed through the master, so to speak.

If you would monitor the Motif audio in samplitude, its audio would show up in the master, too.

The only way to save time while "bouncing" the Motif audio signals would be to have a multi i/o recording interface and using multiple outputs of the Motif.

There is no simple way to automate the "solo next MIDI track and record-arm next audio track, then playback whole the VIP, do this 16 times" or so, despite the autohotkey macro editor maybe...



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