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Problems Moving Tracks

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I wanted a new track to be created next to a certain track. In Cubase I highlighted the track I wanted it to be next to and then clicked to add a track and it would be created right next to the track I highlighted. I could also click on it with a mouse hold down the mouse button and move it any where I wanted.

How do you do both things in Samplitude? When I create a new track it always puts it at the end of my audio tracks. How do you create it where you want it, and how do you move them to a different position?

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you should use Insert Track instead of Add Track. Add Track is a pain, not because it's added at the end of the vip, but because Samp doesn't show the new track ! :o:)

So, make a shortcut on Insert Track, and you will add track very quickly just under the selected track (no need to highlight, select it by clicking in the track or an object).


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