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29.97 Drop Frame - Issue


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I'm relatively new with frame rates but I noticed a quirk here and can't understand whats going on.

I'm playing back the project in 29.97 drop frame and watching the timecode counter closely. Every minute in 29.97 drop frame (except the 10th minute) is supposed to drop 2 frames as stated by Adobe here:

"Drop-frame timecode numbering attempts to adjust for this discrepancy by dropping two

numbers in the numbering sequence, once every minute except for every tenth minute (see the preceding section, Mathematics of 29.97 video, for details).The numbers that are dropped are frames 00 and 01 of each minute; thus, drop-frame numbering across the minute boundary looks like this:

…, 00:00:59:27, 00:00:59:28, 00:00:59:29, 00:01:00:02, 00:01:00:03, …"

When watching the counter in Samplitude however, I see this:

..,00:00:59:27, 00:00:59:28, 00:01:00:02, 00:01:00:03,..

This to me looks like its dropping 3 frames instead of 2 frames each minute. Maybe someone here could help me understand what is going on?

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Hi Jamie,

I'm surprized no one has responded to you yet. :P I'll try to take a look at this tommorow or maybe monday . . . .

Either the 'math' is wrong and it's dropping one to many or it may be that the display isn't getting refreshed enough by the code and it only "looks" like it's dropping too many.

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hi Jamie,

Sorry I didn't get around to testing this until now.

It seems to work correctly for me here as in :

drop frame SMPTE timecode drops frame numbers 0 and 1 of the first second of every minute, and includes them when the number of minutes is divisible by ten.

I'm using Samplitude version 9.1.1 and tested with the default skins. What version are you using and what skins?

And hi Bob! <_< What version are you using etc?

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