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Just Dumped Pro Tools

Dan E

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:D Just want to say how happy I am to have left the Pro Tools LE world and started using Samplitude 9. After doing some major soul searching I found the only reason I was using Tools was because it was what " everybody else was using". It had become the NS10s of the DAW world. I am a Mac guy and even bought a PC

so I could join the fun. Getting Pro Tools LE to do half of what SAM can so would cost thousands and it would still

only be good until Digidesign decided to drop support for your interface that you just purchased a couple of years ago !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am running SAM with the RME 9652 card and using a Tascam MX2424 for converters.

Everything is patched into a Creation Audio Labs modified Soundcraft Ghost and I am very happy. Now if we could just get the good folks at Magix to give us a better manual ...........................

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welcome to the club ! :blink:

In stereo :D

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I concur, after suffering through many so-called 'quality' DAW products that are as overpriced as overrated, I finally got past my preconceptions about Magix (as a company) and gave Samplitude a whirl.

It hits 99% of what the 'big guys' do, and so much cheaper I can afford more offboard gear.

What I really concur with though, is the manual. If only the manual were on-par with a professional suite, it could *really* give the competition a run for their money.

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