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Guest astone

Hello all, I'm Alex. I've been reading here for a little while, and i'm interested in Samp/Seq. After reading what are rave reviews about the Audio Engine in several places, and seeing how far the Midi integration has come, Sequoia's looking good as a potential purchase.

I have a couple of questions at this point.

Are the latest incarnations of S/S 64bit? That is, do they work successfully and reliably in either XP pro64, or Vista 64?

The score component in S/S is taking shape, and as this represents an important part of my work, (I'm an old fashioned classical composer, doing traditional Concert, as well as Ad/Docu/Film/Cartoon) I'm asking if the development will continue, and not as Apple or Steinberg have done, simply ignoring their poor quality notation editors for release after release. (I'm not bitter, just pragmatic). Does the Magix team have a long term plan for us notation friendly chaps? Is the intent to develop a score capability, in terms of Record/Playback/ Print that will rival more dedicated Notation programs? (I'm really tired of having to import export everything, and develop a busload of workarounds) I'd really like to use just one program for all, and as you've cornered the market in high quality audio production, i'm asking if the same dedication is being applied to the Midi aspect of your programs, particularly, as i wrote, notation.


I appreciate the honest and frank approach i found in the notes on the main website, detailing the aspects of both programs and the acknowledgement of the Midi capabilities and current limitations. You didn't try to hide or conceal the ongoing work and development required. That, more than anything else, was refreshing to read in the midst of overhype and broken promises from other daw software manufacturers, and got me interested in the first place.


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That is, do they work successfully and reliably in either XP pro64, or Vista 64?

Several users reported that it works well with XP64.

Does the Magix team have a long term plan for us notation friendly chaps?

Score publishing has not high priority at this time. But have you noticed that Samp/Sequoia is the only

Audio/MIDI DAW which offers MusicXML export yet? Still a workaround, but much easier than transferring

Score as standard MIDI file.

Would you expect/need similar functionality as within Finale or Sibelius? This would take much time to develop.

Step input for Score/MIDI is definitely planned, though.



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