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Locking Bar Markers To Timeline


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my proccess works like this. i play the song on guitar with no metronome. then i set bar markers at critical points like a change from verse to chorus...places where my natural tendancy is to speed things up or slow them down a bit.

my song starts about 1 minute into the timeline. so bar 1 is at time 60 secs. but it looks like samp wants bar 1 to occur at 0 secs. anyway i can offset the first bar marker? this would be useful if i want to ad to the beginning of the song at a latter time.

at first i thought i could just lock the bar markers to the audio and then slide the whole thing down, but i couldn't find a way to do this.

then i tried to insert some bars to offset the song. the insertion worked but all the bar markers kept the original values. i had bar one at 60 sec. apparently that makes no sense to samp and the metronome was all messed up.

lastly i thought about moving the audio and then snapping the the bar markers into place (this happens to fall on slice points) then relabling the bar markers. this is a long route i know, but still shorter then remarking everything with bar markers a second time.

any ideas? i guess this would be called a bar marker offset.

much thanks

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