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Am Suite - How Many Of My Computers Can I Install It On?

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Hello there. I would like to purchase the AM Suite. I have 3 PCs which I use for music and would like to install it on these. Can I just purchase one AM Suite and then use the license key to install the AM Suite on all 3 of my PCs? All the PCs are linked via audio/MIDI cables in my studio and are only used under these circumstances. I understand that if I were to sell any of these PCs I would need to unsure that both me and the buyers do not have copies of this software.

Thanks. :blink:


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you can install the plugins 3 times in total. That's the 'default' deal. This includes significant changes on hardware, such as a new HD drive.

If any further installation is required, contacting our support guys is mandatory. We usually don't make a big fuss about it, but we simply would like to know why.

You also ask the guys (André or Ed) directly at support@magix.net.

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