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Firepod And Samplitude 7

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I've decided to try using Samplitude 7 with my Firepod instead of Cubase (due to Cubase crashing frequently). The only problem I see with it is that it groups my Firepod inputs in twos: (1,2), (3/4), (5,6), (7,8). This allows me to only record four tracks at a time instead of eight. Is there a way to set up Samplitude so that it reads each of my Firepod inputs seperately? Thanks for any help!

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If memory serves me right, back in Samp 7, there wasn't an explicit option for mono recordings. The way you had to do it back then was to choose a pair and then either Left or Right (so if you wan to record in input 1, you'd choose input 1,2- Left) That will give you mono files and will allow you to use all 8 inputs. In the newer versions (8.1 on), you have the option to do a mono recording and you choose your mono input.


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