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External Device To Control Start Stop


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I am using Samplitude SE 8.3 SE and want to control the transport bar start stop buttons from an external device via Midi.

How do I set Samplitude up to function like this?

Apolgies if this sounds like a basic question but I just can't find where to set Samplitude to act as the slave in all the midi options.

The external device is a separate hardware sequencer I have that I have got to successfully control another hardware device so that is set up OK.

My soundcard is a Sound Blaster Audigy.

THanks for any help.


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hi lagoona;

samplitude SE only supports midi clock (mc), but what you want to do requires requires mtc.

however, go the options > synchronization options (or so... sorry, own the german version) and mark the checkbox "mc input active". when your external sequencer supports mc out, then you could at least "arm" samplitude by pressing the rec button and then start the recording by pushing the play button on your hardware sequencer (and vice versa).

hope this helped a little bit



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