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Different Sampling Frequencies For Vsti's And Wavs Possible?


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sorry, i tried do search every thread, but i'm still confused about the relationship of i) the recording sampling frequency and ii) the internal frequency used for effect calculations etc.

- i would like to record my external gear at 44.1 or 48 khz but use higher rates for my truepianos vsti and for the reverb algorithms (to check out wheter the vst's sound better at higher rates). if i have set my sample rate at 44.1 (pop up menu when starting samplitude), does it have an effect if i bounce (internal mixdown) my vsti tracks at higher rates?

- does it work / does it make sense to record wavs at 44.1 and to apply effects at higher rates (by bouncing at higher rates), or is always the "global" sampling rate used? how does this "global rate" (set in projects settings/pop up when starting the program) relate to the one in the recording options? is it possible at all to work with different rates within one project? or in other words: should i set the "global rate" to e.g. higher rates (88.2 or 96) but use 44.1 for recording if i would like to have the effects

i hope that was not too confusing and sorry if the question was really dumb, but i would be really grateful for some clarification on this!

so far i always worked at 44.1/24 bit for everything (32 bit floating for bouncing) and it worked fine, i would just like to check out wheter i) vsti's and vst effects sound better at higher rates and

ii) wheter it makes sense and brings benefits to work on with tracks that i once recorded at 44.1/24 bit (in music

studio) in samplitude with higher frequencies

thank you for your help!

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If all implementations were equal, there is a theoretical advantage to calculating at higher sample rates to avoid aliasing.

Unfortunately in the real world implementations are all over the map so about all you can do is try different sample rates with an open mind. They might be better but they also might be no better or worse.

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In any case, there is only one project sample rate for the VIP at a time. So, you need to re-sample the audio objects during runtime which doesn't work at the best possible quality. Let alone the additional processing overhead. From the theorectial POV that is rather an empty mileage approach IMO.

At any rate, it's the same music. It will be even at 16kHz/8bit. Keep better an eye on the essential would be my advise.



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thanks for the answers guys! too much hassle then for not too much advantages.

sebastian, you were totally right with your comment / advice on keepin' the eyes on the essential (the music!), and i'm totally glad to hear this once from a pro audio man! i think i was hanging around too long in the diverse internet forums where exalted discussions about technical aspects that are anyway non-relevant for "normal people" are so predominant that one (at least me) looses every focus on what's really important (besides loosing the time to actual make some music!). With the time, you really get inferiority complexes if you don't have those golden cables and 192 kHz recording possibilites etc... relating this to my own wimpy musical skills made me really feel ridiculous.. however, on the other hand it's probably normal that everybody is striving for the best possible. sorry for the monologue..

if one more short question is allowed: what you say means that, starting from the moment i use 44.1 khz - recorded wavs in a project, i) all vsti's will also be calculated at 44.1 khz and ii) that the whole project sample rate will anyway be 44.1 khz and all effects are also calculated using this rate (whatever that exactly means - thought that only the bitrate is important for this?!), what for example would mean that using the variverb pro demo (44.1 khz fixed) in e.g. in music studio should sound the same as using it on 44.1 wavs in sam (if there project rate = 44.1?)?

if this indeed should be the case, let me hug you magic magix guys!!

thanks and regards


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