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Voxengo Elephant And Polysquasher


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Greetings. I've recently installed Voxengo Elephant and Polysquasher. They're not showing up in Sequoia v. 8.1 with the other VST plugs. I've checked the VST folder on the hard drive, and they're in there.

Any ideas? I checked with Voxengo, and they suggested I check with Magix.

Also, how do I get to post new topics in the other forums?

Thanks much!


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I found the problem. This could be one possible solution to anyone who has VST plug-ins that don't show up on the plug-in list. Somehow the path to my VST plugins got altered. Plugins that I had used before were still working, but new ones were not showing up. I corrected the path to my VST plugins as follows, and all my plug ins are working:

Options --> System Audio --> Paths/Skins --> VST plugins --> C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\ (That's where my VST folder is. Yours may be different.)


Hi Bill,

you can try:

1-> rebuild the vst.ini or

2-> drag´n drop the dll in your VIP



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The plugin path setup behaviour is a little bit confusing. It´s possible to enter several paths to plugin directories on the system, but it seems only the last path will show new installed plugins.

All previously installed plugins in the given folders will be shown as well, but Samplitude does not find and display new plugins, later installed in those directories.

So it´s a good decision, to use only one directory for all plugins and choose it in the Path/Skins dialog.

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