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Need Some Help With The Screen Layout


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Today I've got very strange screen layout, or at least strange for me. I think I pressed the space bar and some other keys unintentionally and this is why it is looking like this. However, I do not remember exactly what keys I have pressed. Closing and opening the project again does not help. Please take a lot at the screenshot and tell me whether it is possible to get rid of the two windows on the bottom showing the tracks. Thanks in advance.


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happened to me too. haha. found it really really strange as well. what's the bottom two layouts in "section 3 view" for?

I don't do it myself, but I'd guess it's for fine-tuning start/end of loop objects. I do occasionally use the section 2 arrangement window. When working with small objects in a very large project, it can be useful to keep one window as a project overview so you don't get lost.

David L. Rick

Seventh String Recording

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