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Midi In Samp Classic 9


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Look here http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/vers_unt.html

Midi looks exactly the same as in the Pro version with MIDI Editor (Pianoroll-, Drum-, Event-, Controller-Editor) and MIDI Score Editor . Certainly you can record and playback midi .

Are you sure that I can record ? I saw this table but it doesn't say anything about recording midi

and on the feature list as I say it says "MIDI Playback" & "MIDI Editing"

is there anyone who has Classic and can tell me ?


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MIDI recording is definitely possible with Samp classic. The MIDI features are identical with the samp professional version, even score MusicXML export is available. I have tested our V10 betas often with the classic version, so you can trust me :o

We should update the feature table to avoid this misunderstanding.



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