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Se9 Audio Ahead Of Midi ?


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Ive recorded a few tracks in SE, midi tracks. I added a guitar lead audio track, and it seems very slightly ahead of the other tracks.

Are there setttings that could be responsible for this ????

1. If you use Microsoft GS for MIDI playback, you'll suffer from about 150 ms MIDI latency (this is a principle disadvantage of the Microsoft GS Synth). I suggest to use a VSTi instrument for MIDI playback (or external MIDI synths, of course). In MIDI options page (system dialog (Y-key)) you can set a global MIDI offset value to correct this for playback.

2. Another problem might be that you monitor your guitar for recording within samplitude, then you have a latency, too, and if you play earlier to correct this while recording, your audio is too early finally. Use hardware monitoring instead (soundcard settings), which should give zero-latency monitoring.

But I guess you have the first problem mentioned above.



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