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Yes I work with MS2008, but I think I could fine good advices here :rolleyes:

I have a 6 tracks vip, and a lot of edits points (more than 100 :D ) on one track (speech).

I edit in the middle of the vip in "Connect objects in all places" mode to be sure to modify nothing after my current edit point.

Here is the point : in MS2008 i don't have asymetrical crossfade wich would be usefull here. so i play with two tracks and make my asymetrical crossfade with fades on the two tracks. So I want on these two tracks to be able to momentarily move the selected object and the next of the track to move to the other track without the same move on the tracks not concerned (like if a was in "Connect all objects in one track" mode).

So is there something to momentaraly toggle from "Connect objects in all places" mode to "Connect all objects in one track" mode ?

Thanks in advance


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